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I Am Soldier

I Am Soldier is the story of Mickey Tomlinson, a military chef who attempts to create one of the most deadly military selections known: The Special Air Service. selection. S.A.S. The S.A.S. is the United Kingdom’s best-known Special Forces Regiment. It has been tasked with dangerous missions in the most remote places of the globe. Mickey’s military experience is more than just being a chef. He doesn’t tell the others. Mickey’s mind, body, and soul are wretched as he faces torturous speed-marches up steep mountains and runs for his life during “Escape and Evasion” before facing the worst interrogation phase, known as “Tactical Questioning”. The only way to prove your worth is in combat. Many people try to join the S.A.S. It is only the best who make it. –Anonymous

Duration: 84 min


IMDb: 4.6