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Brian and Charles

If you like "Lars and the Real Girl" you'll love Brian and Charles.Brian and Charles is a mockumentary about socially awkward hoarder and oddball inventory named Brian who builds a companion robot from a pile of junk.He names his robot Charles who soon takes on a life of its own becoming more adventurous than his safe creator Brian.Charles informs himself by reading the dictionary and becomes quite curious about the outside world — the world beyond the borders of Brian's isolated Welsh quarters.Charles craves adventure, unlike Brian who wants to live a boring and obscure life — free from heartbreak and danger.Brian's an endearing creature who collects junk which he uses to alter household appliances that he claims as new innovations — totally oblivious that these contraptions are made worse.This is a metaphor for how Brian sees himself and how he presents himself to this phantom documentary crew that's documenting his mundane life. Brian's a disheveled hermit, obtuse and discard, like a pile of junk that nobody wants. That's how Brian sees himself.So he builds a better Brian from that pile of junk. A robot who's willing to experience life.This is a heartwarming story about fear, loneliness and the importance of human connection.I highly recommend this film.

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 6.8