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This is like a movie made to include all the banter in the writers' room for a sitcom. Like, "Hey, what if the Seinfeld character gets out of his car and he's rolling it barefoot like Fred Flintstone's car," one writer would say, and another writer would say, "and he's got a big rock in the back for a brake like an anchor." And the room chuckles and instead of just moving on, they put it in the show. The cameos of actors and comics are fun. The old brand names are cool, except no one under 60 will understand many of them. It's silly, cartoonish, and basically pointless. See it as a lark that got produced because Seinfeld is Seinfeld. Throw your critical standards to the wind and guess who's playing the Walter Cronkite character.

Duration: 97 min


IMDb: 5.5