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The Transporter

Frank Martin, an ex-special forces operator lives a peaceful life on the French Mediterranean. He works as a “transporter” for mercenaries who move goods (human and otherwise) from one location to another. No questions asked. Frank follows a set of strict rules when he is driving his BMW through mysterious, sometimes deadly tasks. Rule 1: Don’t change the contract. Rule 2: Frank doesn’t like to be identified. Rule three: Never look inside the box. Frank’s latest transport is no different than the many others he has used in the past. Frank was hired to deliver a package by “Wall Street”, an American. However, Frank notices that the bag is still moving as he continues along his route. Frank finds the contents of his bag to be a gagged, beautiful woman, in violation of Rule Three. Frank’s determination to adhere to his two other rules, which make up his main code of survival, quickly falls apart, sending him and his companion along a path that leads to terrifying secrets and deadly complications. –Anthony Pereyra [email protected]