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The Princess

For me going into this movie I didn't have high expectations. Because I am a King fan I had to see this movie. She is just so beautiful to watch as an actress. That being said this was not the best movie she has been in. But for what it was (a Kill Bill style medieval times movie) it was not bad. It was just not great, a bit too serious, I think if they had thrown in a comedian it would have been a hit. So lots of blood but not too much that you could not enjoy this movie with the kids close by. The foul language also didn't match with the time frame there were aiming for. So when they said or did certain things a person would do or say today in this movie it was just not believable. A perfect example was in the beginning with the dislocation of her thumb, unbelievable. Now, if you were going into this movie expecting fantasy/adventure like I did, you will be let down. But IF you are a King fan then this movie was just ok. I personally will not see it again but I would recommend to another King fan IF they had nothing better to watch that is. Here's hoping her next movie will be a hit. Oh and I loved the villainess, she played her part well.

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