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The Iron Claw

This is one of the greatest wrestling movies ever made. Certainly the greatest true wrestling story ever made.This is one of the greatest sports movies ever made.But you need to know nothing about wrestling nor of this famous wrestling family to absorb the absolute impact that this movie will have on you inside the theater.This carries the same weight, pound for pound, as the fabulous Elvis movie did a year or so ago.This movie also magnificently captures that wonderful and amazing era of life before the internet and social media.Where real feats of strength, endurance and physical athleticism had to be either witnessed in person and seen with one's own eyes, or on some small screen somewhere.Legends were made inside a ring in tiny arenas and gymnasiums on this country's soil. And their images were then plastered on paper in magazines that covered the racks at the local drug store or grocery store.And it was every bit as influential as anything that one could possibly find on their phones today.This is an unbelievable and incredible tale.Everyone should know the Von Erichs.They will after seeing this.