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The Heat (2013)

Sarah Ashburn is an FBI agent. She’s very ambitious and wants to be promoted. However, she has a hard time getting along with her colleagues. In order to find Mr. Larkin’s identity, she is assigned to Boston. Rojas is his proxy. She receives a promise that she will be promoted if Larkin is found. She discovers that Larkin had been taking control of his competitors’ operations and eliminating them. Rojas has been taken into custody by Boston PD. She visits him to find out more about Larkin. However, Shannon Mullins (the cop that arrested Rojas) is extremely territorial and not very sociable. They don’t get along when they meet. After learning that Ashburn was in Boston, Mullins decides she will go to Larkin’s place. Ashburn gets told by her boss that she must work with Mullins. But it will not be an easy task because Ashburn follows the rules and Mullins is more creative. –[email protected]