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Son of Batman

Ra’s AL Ghul has been killed by Deathstroke, aka League of Assassin Slade Wilson. Ra’s victory comes at a price. Damien, Ra’s grandson took his right eye. Talia AL Ghul, fearful for the safety of her children decides that the right time to bring the boy home is now. A trail of chemical plant thefts leads to the Batman being caught in the act. Killer Croc is the thief, but Croc was mutated and changed by an unknown hand. Croc is swiftly defeated by the stunning appearance of Talia, a beautiful but dangerous woman. Talia, back at Gotham harbor, informs the Detective about Ra’s fate and surprises him by introducing Damien to their son. Talia takes control of Slade, while Damien is under the watchful eye of Batman. Although the young man is a skilled fighter, Wayne Manor finds friction due to his self-confident nature. Batman investigates Croc’s activities and finds Dr. Kirk Langstrom who is the creator of Man-bat. Langstrom, however is just another pawn in the League of Assassins’ ambitions to make Deathstroke their leader. Langstrom’s family is held hostage by Deathstroke, accelerating the delivery date. Damien, using Batcave’s resources, conducts his own hunt. Slade’s lieutenant likes to spend time in Gotham. Nightwing stops Damien before he is able to deliver the last blow. Damien fights the traitor. Damien impressed Batman and he takes up the role of Robin. The two soon find themselves on the trail Deathstroke, who wants to build an army of Ninja Man-bats. Is Batman able to teach Deathstroke, his criminal past, how it feels to be a hero? Will his biggest challenge be to the soul of Batman? Nolan Hubbard