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C.I.A. Retired Retired C.I.A. Agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), is in love and living a normal life with Sarah Ross (Mary Louise Parker). Marvin Boggs, John Malkovich, meets Frank at the supermarket. He tells Frank that Wikileaks released information about their participation and that they know where Nightshade is located. Nightshade was a small nuclear weapon, which had been smuggled into Russia in parts. The top international agents have been contracted to find Nightshade. The three of them travel to Paris with Katja, a Russian agent (Catherine Zeta Jones), to find the ex-Russian Agent “The Frog”, David Thewlis. The trio learns that Dr. Edward Bailey, Sir Anthony Hopkins’ brilliant inventor, might have the key to the weapon. The British Victoria (Dame Helen Mirren), discovers that Bailey was held in London’s MI6 asylum for over thirty-two year. The Russians have the nucleus device hidden inside the Kremlin, which they rescue Bailey. The dangerous South Korean Han Cho Bai, Lee Byung-hun), joins them in an attempt to recover the weapon. Jack Horton, a dangerous killer played by Neal McDonough, is on the trail of Frank and won’t stop until Frank recovers the nucleus. –Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil