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Miss Congeniality

F.B.I. Undercover Agent Gracie Hart is not feminine in appearance or demeanour. Although she’s a competent and bright Agent, her mistakes in judgement in cases can lead to near-disaster. Eric Matthews is her trusted colleague and is now assigned to the case against The Citizen, a terrorist who is threatening her life. She is also facing possible discipline. Gracie compiles the evidence and determines that The Citizen will next be targeting the Miss United States beauty contest. The Miss United States beauty pageant is everything that Gracie hates. Gracie is a stern, mannish woman. Eric assigns her the task of going undercover to be a contestant in the pageant. This will allow her to flush out The Citizen who may have been one of the contestants. The F.B.I. is provided by the pageant administration. Stan Fields and Cathy Morningside, a former winner, are the hosts. Cathy is not thrilled that Gracie, a non-credible Gracie, has posed as a contestant and she fears this will cause problems for the pageant. F.B.I. Victor Melling is a former contestant coach and F.B.I. enlists his assistance to transform Gracie into a legitimate beauty contestant. As Gracie continues her transformation, she comes to understand the contestants not just as criminals but as people. She discovers another evil element at the pageant. She is determined to eliminate that evil element from the pageant and help her friends, the innocent contestants. Gracie now displays some femininity and attracts attention from men. –Huggo