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Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

When Ghostbusters: Afterlife came out I was surprised how much I liked it. I really like the 1984 original and the sequel was pretty good. The reboot in 2016 was ok but I thought the franchise was dead. Afterlife revived the franchise. It was a great mix of new characters and had enough well placed nostalgia. Frozen Empire is unfocused and relies way to much on nostalgia that just dies land as well and seems more desperate and is all over the place.The story is set in New York with the Spengler family living and ghostbusting there. The cast from Afterlife is back. The focus again is on Phoebe played by Mckenna Grace which is good because she is the best a part of the film. The problem here is that the other characters are almost there just to appear. Paul Rudd is the biggest star here but really dies nothing other than have a couple of decent funny lines. But the rest of the family is just barely there. The nostalgia feels so racked on. Yes, three of the original cast members and a coupme if supporting characters are back but it all feels forced. Where Afterlife earned it's nostalgic moments. This film has them and it feels forced.There are sone funny moments and sone good special effects and it's not bad but it just feels that they wanted to stuff the film with so much that it is a total mess….Grade: C.