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Closed Circuit

A powerful bomb went off in London’s heart on a normal morning. Farroukh Erdogan, the sole survivor of this terrorist cell (Denis Moschitto), was taken quickly into custody. The government plans to use classified evidence against the suspect to bring him to trial. However, Jim Broadbent, Attorney General, appoints Claudia Simmons-Howe (Hall), Special Advocate for the case. Claudia is a government-approved defense attorney, which means she has the unique ability to review top-secret evidence and push for disclosure in the “closed” portion of the trial. After Claudia has reviewed all evidence, communication with defense lawyers and defendants is prohibited. The trial will begin shortly after Erdogan’s lawyer passes away. Claudia is replaced by Martin Rose (Bana), her ex-lover and driven lover. Claudia and Martin agree to not reveal their past relationship, realizing it could put their participation in the case at risk. Martin’s thorough investigation uncovers evidence that reveals a disturbing conspiracy and threatens to devour them all.